Deepening alignment with life

Din van Helden, MA
A Dutchie living in the wonderful hills of the Wachau (Austria). 

Since 2000: active through learning, co-designing, facilitating & consulting, in the field of Learning & Organisational Development.
Nature guide, trained by John P. Milton.

Working from the intention to enable a truthful connection with self, others & the (natural) environment. Nature immersion & social diversity are often at the heart of this transformative change processes.

It’s an intense time, a wild ocean… I find myself nurtured by streams of regeneration, open to catching waves and surfing them with others. Let’s strive for a healthy and playful ride on our way to be good ancestors. 


ACG/the vital works (Vienna, AT)
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Management Center Vorarlberg
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Transformation with nature

Walter Bertolini